Fresh Food Markets

Building a healthy and strong local food system is important to making Baton Rouge a healthier city for all. Geaux Get Healthy partner, BREADA works to increase sustainability of independent local farmers, fishermen and food producers. Other Geaux Get Healthy partners also work to identify innovative ways to make fresh food available in neighborhoods stores, through door-to-door delivery and through collaborative and innovative projects like the 2023 Fresh Food Hub.

Main Street Market

Main Street Market's permanent downtown location offers breakfast, lunch, and specialty shops Monday through Saturday. It is located in downtown Baton Rouge and features locally owned restaurants and specialty shops housed in a public marketplace setting. Main Street Market is open Monday through Saturday serving coffee, breakfast and lunch for downtown residents, workers and visitors. Validated parking is available in the Galvez garage during the week and the garage is free to park in on Saturdays. Main Street Market also offers free wifi to customers.

On Saturdays, Main Street Market combines with the Red Stick Farmers Market to create a community market offering cooking demonstrations, artisan food products and prepared meals.


Red Stick Farmers Markets

BREADA's Red Stick Farmer's Markets bring together local farmers and help the community live healthier lifestyles by providing a venue for the sale of fresh produce. Red Stick Farmers is an open-air, producer-only market, which ensures that all produce sold at the market is grown locally by each farmer. There are two year-round markets each week: Thursdays at Pennington and Saturdays at 5th and Main downtown. Both operate from 8AM to noon. The Red Stick Farmers Market has over 50 member farmers with a variety of locally grown products including fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, artisan breads, homemade pies, honey, milk and cheese, native plants, herbs, and specialty food items. The Markets provide vital economic opportunities for local farmers, keeping our local food system healthy, strong and vibrant.


Red Stick Mobile Farmers Market

Seasonally, BREADA also operates mobile markets. These markets are shorter and rotate to provide access to under-served neighborhoods and areas of town where the year-round markets do not operate. Mobile markets operate a spring season (usually from April to July) and a fall season (October to December). These locations are subject to change, so please check BREADA’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Cash, credit, debit and Louisiana Purchase cards are accepted at all locations of the Red Stick Farmers Market. Red Stick Farmers Market has a no pet policy.

Top Box Foods Home Delivery

Top Box Foods is a non-profit organization with a simple purpose: to make healthy food affordable and accessible to all.

Scotland Saturdays monthly Open Market provides patrons with quality products as well as outstanding service. The Open Market offers a great selection vendors with products at unbeatable prices. It’s the place to enjoy and sample a wide variety of goods and services, produced and distributed by locals.

Cofe: Behaving in the spirit of a coffee shop and a cafe simultaneously Southern Cofe, currently located inside the Main Street Market, will be reopening their Scotlandville location in May 2022 where they will offer a variety of fresh produce in addition to their regular, health-focused menu.

Healthy Living Events

Farmers Markets