Live Healthy Baton Rouge Coalition 

Live Healthy is our longest-standing coalition that focuses on eating well, being active, not smoking and striving to live our healthiest life. The mission of Live Healthy is to identify and coordinate efforts aimed at promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles which will lead to building a culture of health in Baton Rouge. They do this through a focus on nutrition education, physical fitness, and community wellness through events and outreach.

History of Live Healthy Baton Rouge
The original name of HealthyBR is the Mayor's Healthy City Initiative (MHCI). HealthyBR was the group of organizations that came together to focus on healthy living efforts in Baton Rouge. In 2012, MHCI took on the name of HealthyBR and Live Healthy BR was born. 2012 was a pivotal year for HealthyBR the organization and it was a direct result of the Live Healthy BR group. 
In 2012, the following efforts were launched in partnership with the Live Healthy BR partners.
  • In August 2012, the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative (HealthyBR) was awarded a $1 million grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation's Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana Grant Program. Together with a $1.2 million match, the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative brought together community partners to start the Fresh Beginnings project. The project focused on promoting food access, healthy eating, and active lifestyles in North and Old South Baton Rouge. Though the grant period ended in the fall of 2015, the Fresh Beginnings project started many community initiatives that continue today, including the Red Stick Mobile Farmers Market, the Healthy Corner Store Initiative, the Food Access Policy Commission, and Project Fit America in local schools. Much of this work laid the groundwork for the Geaux Get Healthy today. 

  • was launched which provided HealthyBR with its first community-facing efforts. The website was used to help promote the Live Healthy BR partners and the work they were doing in the community. 

  • HealthyBR was awarded Healthy Southern Cities Grant through the National League of Cities' (NLC) Youth, Education and Families Institute. The grant provided technical assistance to advance local efforts to combat childhood obesity through the development and implementation of community wellness plans. 

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Upcoming Classes & Events
Between 2013 - 2015, many of the programs and initiatives HealthyBR and it's partners are know for today began.
  • HealthyBR launch's its 5-2-1-0+10 Campaign with support form the NLC grant. the program originated form First lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign (5-2-1-0), HealthyBR added the +10 for 10 hours of sleep based on the cutting edge research being done around sleep at the time. It is only recently that other communities organizations and communities are beginning to discuss the importance of sleep including the County Health Rankings who in 2022 first introduced sleep into its rankings. 

  • Eat Healthy Restaurants was launched in partnership with the local hospitals and dieticians. Although the program was not successful, it helped lay the ground work for Ochsner's Eat Fit BR program.

  • Family Fit Day was first launched in 2014. Family Fit Day is HealthyBR's longest running program.  

  • Fitness Rocks debuted in 2015 and continues to run today. 

Between 2015-2017, HealthyBR grew its programs (Family Fit Day and Fitness Rocks) and introduced its 5-2-1-0+10 curriculum in schools. They also worked to address play desserts through Play Streets a partnership with Pennington Biomedical Research Center and BREC. 

Between 2018-2021, the Live HealthyBR group continued to expand on its flagship programs like Family Fit Day and Fitness Rocks while also launching new programs like Geaux Get Healthy, We're Well, and Move with the Mayor.  

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