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Louisiana Health Hub: Is the home of the Louisiana Dept. of Health's STD/HIV Hepatitis Program (SHHP) which coordinates a number of statewide and regional programs designed to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other STDs, to ensure the availability of quality medical and social services for HIV infected and affected individuals, and to track the impact of the epidemic in Louisiana.  

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

  • The Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides a comprehensive system of HIV primary medical care, essential support services, and medications for low-income people with HIV. The program funds grants to states, cities, counties, and local community-based organizations to provide care and treatment services to people with HIV to improve health outcomes and reduce HIV transmission among hard-to-reach populations. For more information on the Baton Rouge Ryan White Part A Program click here

Prevention Access Campaign

  • Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) and partners launched the U=U campaign in 2016 to build and communicate a consensus about the largely unknown fact: people living with HIV who are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot sexually transmit HIV. Today, U=U is a thriving and growing community-led movement of HIV advocates, activists, researchers, and over 1,050 Community Partners from 105 countries. Together, we are changing what it means to live and love with HIV around the world. 

Positive Women's Network (PWN)

  • Positive Women’s Network – USA is a national membership body of women living with HIV and our allies that exists to strengthen the strategic power of all women living with HIV in the United States. Founded in 2008 by 28 diverse women leaders living with HIV, PWN-USA develops a leadership pipeline and policy agenda that applies a gender lens to the domestic HIV epidemic grounded in social justice and human rights. 

National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)

  • NASTAD is a leading non-partisan non-profit association that represents public health officials who administer HIV and hepatitis programs in the U.S. We work to advance the health and dignity of people living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, and intersecting epidemics by strengthening governmental public health through advocacy, capacity building, and social justice. 

Southern AIDS Coalition

  • The mission of the Southern AIDS Coalition (SAC) is to end the HIV and STI epidemics in the South by promoting accessible and high-quality systems of [HIV and STI] prevention, treatment, care, housing, and essential support services

Black AIDS Institute

  • Black AIDS Institute (BAI) is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Black community. BAI is the only uniquely and unapologetically Black HIV think and do tank in America. We believe in complete freedom for Black people by eradicating systematic oppression so that we can live long, healthy lives.