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HealthyBR’s mission is to Communicate, Coordinate, and Collaborate to make Baton Rouge a healthier place for all! HealthyBR helps lead four coalitions that focus on: Behavioral Health (Mental health and Substance Use Disorders), Healthy Living (eating well, begin active and holistic wellness), Maternal and Infant Health, and HIV.

Through these coalitions, HealthyBR operates a Collective impact model. This means we bring out partners together in an intentional way by:

  • Helping to Create Shared Goals among our partners
  • Measuring and Monitoring Our Collective Work
  • Creating and Promoting Mutually Reinforcing Activities (which means helping organizations work together for the greater good)
  • Continuous Communication Though Coalition and Work Group Meetings
  • HealthyBR provide “backbone” support (meaning the administrative aspects and consensus building in coalition work)

We are always looking for community residents and organizations to join our work. Currently, we have over 400 individual members and over 150 organizations. The only thing we are missing is YOU! Join us by filling out the interest form below.

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 NameOrganization NameOrganization WebsiteEmailPhoneAbout OrganizationNewsletter sign upPartner on an eventSponsorshipJoin a coalition
edit Todd StaggPhysicians Group  1981298304oncologyYesYesYes1
edit Test SmithVFX  225-801-2039TestingYesYesYes1;2;3;4
edit Marsha Beardon   (225) 936.2126I am an educator who believes firmly on the principles of health and wellness. I would like to volunteer and join the HealthyBR initiative. Sincerely, Marsha Beardon 225.936.2126YesYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Rhoda Reddix,PhDFranciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University 225-747-0441I am the Director of Service-Learning and an Associate Professor at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. The university is an affiliate of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System. The university is a leader in the region for healthcare professional education and an anchor institution contributing to the healthcare professional workforce in East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding parishes. The university is committed to improving the health and well being of the communities it serves.YesNoNo1
edit Renetta BellEternal Crisis 2254445125I am the Executive Director of Eternal Crisis Outpatient Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinic, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Trauma, & Wrap-around Services. We provide ASAM levels I. II. We also have a 16 bed ETH housing facility. All our services are provided at one site/property. We also have CLIA license through DHH. We are licensed through DHH. Our Medical Director is Dr. Melvin Murrill, Psychiatrist/Addicitonologist is Dr. Mark Taylor, Renetta Bell-LAC, LMHP, Administrator/LCSW is Raymond L. Bowen, Sherryl Lott-Social Worker, Counselors, Worker, Case Manager-Jada Harris, Peer Support Specialist. Our population we serve are adults and children, of all ages. ECO also renders and participates in a lot of community events/activities. We have several collaborative partners YesYesNo2
edit Coletta Barrett RN Our Lady Of The LakeOLOLRMC.COM 12255052415Mission focused ministry, caring for those most in need for almost 100 years. Academic Medical CenterYesYesYes1;2;3;4
edit Cheri Ann McFerrin   2256031968Retired.YesNoNo 
edit James D. CooperAll of Us Program- LSU Genetics 504-568-5111Hello, My name is James Cooper and I am the Engagement Specialist for ALL of US Genetics program for LSU New Orleans and Pennington in Baton Rouge. I would like to partner with Healthy BR for any events you all my sponsor.NoYesNo 
edit James D. CooperAll of Us Program- LSU Genetics 504-568-5111LSUHSC would like to partner with Healthy BR to spread the word about Precision Medicine and the ALL of Us Genetics Program.NoYesNo 
edit Haley PragueExpress Scripts/Cigna  I would like to speak with someone about bringing a mobile health clinic to Baton Rouge 6/6-6/18 to provide free health services to members of the community (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, BMI, Cholesterol) Thanks! Haley 973-666-1778NoYesNo 
edit Torie KranzeNational Kidney Foundation of Louisiana, 5048614500The National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana is the major statewide voluntary non-profit health organization dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals affected by this disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation. The NKFL provides vital patient and community services, conducts extensive public and professional education, advocates for patients through legislative action, and supports local kidney research to identify new treatments. Our programs and services include emergency financial assistance to patients; “Safe Rides with Uber Health” for patients who need transportation to/from dialysis; research and training for physicians and other health professionals; virtual class room curriculum, “Kidneys in the Classroom” for children in 3rd – 6th grade; online resources for information about kidney disease and organ donation, weekly posts on social media to engage the public and provide Q&A with healthcare professionals and the promotion of living organ donation. The NKFL relies on individual and corporate donations, business partnerships, foundation and government grants and revenue from special events. More than 81 cents of each dollar donated to the NKFL goes directly to support its programs and services. YesYesNo1
edit Claude Pinnock, MD MPHWider Circle 650-289-8808 Our organization partners with Health Plans to assist Medicare and Medicaid members by creating community circles of trust and support. Part of our work is to educate members on available benefits and how to use them. But, our scope extends past general healthcare. A big part of our efforts is to connect members with community resources. Our goal is to improve health outcomes by reducing disparities and overcoming social determinants of health whenever possible. We will soon be working in the Baton Rouge area. I'm reaching out to you to see what the requirements are for our members to be eligible for your assistance. We would love to be able to connect our members with you and learn how we can help you in return. YesYesNo 
edit Nicole BoldenHolistic Behavioral Health Services,  Holistic was created to give youth and adults a solid foundation that will provide them an opportunity to be successful and productive citizens. We believe that providing every child and adult with the mindset of a leader will strengthen them mentally and provide them with a proactive character which will help them overcome life obstacles and decrease their mental/behavioral health issues. Holistic Behavioral Health services is uniquely capable for caring for a mental health issues from drug addiction to mental illnesses including those that are extremely complex. Holistic offers services in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans area to both children and adults from the ages of 5 & up. Our services include but are not limited to: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) Youth and Family Services Leadership Development Mentoring Youth Enrichment Programs Conflict Resolution Skills Development Grief and Crisis Counseling Substance Abuse Treatment (I.O.P) NoYesNo 
edit Heal your life Hylc Healyourlife 2252265947Dear sir or madam, We are reaching out in hopes of partnering with you to better serve our communities. Our goal as a community therapy agency is to provide a safe, compassionate, and affordable counseling experience for clients all over Louisiana. We strive to charge the lowest amount possible for treatment and never charge a co-pay. We truly believe that lack of financial resources should not prevent anyone from getting the best quality treatment available. Furthermore, no matter what we believe there is always hope. Our Agency has extensive experience in the field of mental health. We have developed innovative ways to serve our community all over the state. I have faith that our motivation and commitment to helping those in need will stand out to you. YesYesYes2
edit Dr. Christianne Ricard, LPC, NCC Renewed Mind Counseling and Consultation, 2252789051Dr. Christianne Ricard is originally from Hammond “America” LA. She currently lives in Baton Rouge with her husband of 10+ years and 4 children (18, 14, 10, & 3). Her education and training includes a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and a Master of Education in Counseling, both from Southeastern Louisiana University. Additionally, she earned an Education Specialist distinction and Doctor of Philosophy both from Louisiana State University where she successfully defended her dissertation, “Village Folk: Exploring the Female Black School Counselor’s Perception of Role Confusion and Burnout.” Dr. Ricard considers herself to be a servant in all she does. As a former school counselor, she was awarded New Comer of the year and Elementary School Counselor of the Year over a span of 6 years. She’s the proud owner and founder of Renewed Mind Counseling and Consultation, LLC. As the lead therapist, she uses her training and education to provide clinical mental health to individuals, families, and couples. Her most recent initiative, Renew Life Classes, consist of small group support with trending topics in mental health. Many of Dr. Ricard’s clients says she’s the most authentic clinician they’ve met. Dr. Ricard enjoys working in the background - making a huge impact behind the scenes. NoNoNo2
edit Cathy McKinley    My name is Cathy McKinley. I've been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, specializing in Population Health and Case Management. I have a special interest in prevention and improving the health of Louisiana's residents. YesYesYes1;2;4
edit Cameron DickeyCentral Louisiana Area Health Education Center 2257579845I am a Certified Health Insurance Navigator under the Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana program. We provide free assistance to individuals interested in exploring their health insurance coverage options and also help to enroll people in Medicaid or a plan through the health insurance Marketplace. YesYesNo 
edit Veronica MooreUS Health and Human Services  2147673270Current HHS external affairs team looking to work with partners on health and human services priorities. YesYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Angela GoldenBureau of Family Health  My name is Angela Golden and I am currently an Adverse Childhood Experiences program specialist for the Bureau of Family Health. I previously worked with another organization and was able to join the coalition. I would love the opportunity to continue this work in my new role. NoNoNo1;2;3
edit Angela LavigneWorking on nonprofit license M.A.F.I.A mother's against fentanyl in AmericaStolen by Fentanyl always and Evea remembered 2254184905I would like to hold an event for national fentanyl awareness day August 21st 2022 in the baton rouge area Zachary, central, Baker or north Baton rouge. I would a call back at 225-418-4905 I need location permissions permits etcNoYesNo1
edit Nakia ChiltonLab Site 504-383-3054Lab Site Clinical provides lab services, covid testing, and certified medical laboratory assistant training. YesYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Tahshawnda 225-328-5626Community Resources Connection(CRC), In. is a non profit grant seeking organization that provides technical and financial assistance to support underserved communities in their efforts to address food insecurities. CRC currently serves 4 states, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina. CRC's founder is a native of Baton Rouge and grew up in South Baton Rouge. The passion for the cause comes from the desire to provide underserved communities the resources needed to have access to local fresh food choices at little to no cost to the recipients. Looking forward to discussing how CRC can partner with your organization to accomplish similar goals as they relate to providing the needed resources to Louisiana's underserved communitiesYesYesYes 
edit Donna L RicardCentral Louisiana Area Health Education Center (CLAHEC) 2252474471Our organization provides free enrollment assistance to individuals who have questions about or need help enrolling in an affordable health coverage plan, including Medicaid and plans through the federal Marketplace. As a Navigator I can stand in the gap as a long-term resource in assisting others in learning how to use health insurance to make sure they are getting the care that they need. With Open Enrollment beginning November 15, people will have questions about where they stand, and I’d love to be there to assist in any way.YesYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Gayle YoungLaughter in Your Belly Wellness  2254216772I am a Baton Rouge native and Holistic Wellness Practitioner I own and operate a Holistic Wellness Practice in Baton Rouge, I teach health and wellness classes, and my focus is not just food but helping those I influence to use food as medicine and reverse all of their diseases and dis-eases with food that is properly combined, that is organic and wholefoods that nourish us mentally and physically. With food, I healed from 12 tumors, lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, 12 years of daily migraines, and 22 medications. I am also a certified CYL2 -"Change Your Lifestyle Change Your Life" Diabetes Coach. YesYesNo1
edit Jada McGuinFitt 985-438-2660Hello, My name is Jada McGuin. I am a medical Exercise Physiologist here in Baton Rouge as well as a local business owner (Fitt House). I was looking to become more involved in community efforts to promote healthy living, and came across the mayor's initiative. Please feel free to reach out to me as I am eager to learn more about HealthyBR and how I can serve the Baton Rouge community. Best, Jada McGuinYesYesYes1
edit Meghan GoldbeckAmerican Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Louisiana 504-220-6100American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Louisiana Chapter (AFSP Louisiana) is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. The work we do focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by: delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those who have lost someone to suicide.YesYesNo2
edit Cameron DickeyNavigators for a Healthy Louisiana 2257579845Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana bring free health insurance enrollment assistance to rural and underserved communities. NoNoNo1;2;3;4
edit Kennedy LeJeuneCrescent Care Legal Services 2253025968CrescentCare Legal Services is a division of CrescentCare, a 501(c)3 nonprofit community-based organization) that provides free civil legal services to eligible persons in Louisiana living with HIV, addressing legal matters related to or arising from their HIV status. We have offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and offer services statewide. We can assist with a variety of legal issues including Social Security benefits, discrimination, privacy, Power of Attorney documents, and much more. For more information, please call at 225-302-5968.YesYesYes4
edit Leinani MalloryMagellan 2259550998Magellan Healthcare is the MCO overseeing BH services under the Louisiana Coordinated System of Care. YesNoNo 
edit Nancy DavisNancy Davis Foundation 2253293204My name is Nancy Davis. 10 weeks into my pregnancy my baby was diagnosed with Acrania(skull missing & some parts of brain). I was denied a medical termination, even though it should have been covered. I travelled miles away to get the care I needed and have been inspired to start the Nancy Davis Foundation. The Nancy Davis Foundation is committed to assisting women all over the country who are in need of care for unfortunate medical pregnancy circumstances. NoYesYes 
edit Patricia BurnsMagellan HealthCareMagellan HealthCare 2253673192Is contracted with the State of Louisiana to oversee the Coordinated System of Care which delivers services and supports to children and youth who have significant behavioral challenges or co-occurring disorders and are in or at imminent risk of out-of-home placement. YesNoNo 
edit Olivia BartholomewUpward HealthUpward Health 5043895489At Upward Health, we specialize in providing primary medical, behavioral care to patients with complex needs while addressing their social determinants of health. We deliver care in the community, so our offices are wherever our patients call home, via video facilitated provider visits. Our mission is to develop relationships and work collaboratively with community partners to ensure the success of each individual in the communities we serve. YesYesNo 
edit BRAD HARRISHeart Safe Communities of Baton Rouge Coalition  2252023859East Baton Rouge EMS has formed a partnership with local entities and private vendors to form the Heart Safe Communities of Baton Rouge Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to provide public CPR classes and greater access to AEDs throughout the Parish. When a SCA event occurs, time is a critical factor in the patient’s survivability. Public education on how to perform CPR and increasing community access to AEDs will greatly improve the chances of a SCA patient receiving life-saving care prior to the arrival of First Responders. NoNoNo1
edit Shakavon ThomasNew Dawn Farms  12813059183I hope this email finds you well. I recently posted on Reddit seeking information and interest in creating a network of community gardens. One of the readers provided me with your contact information as a potential collaborator in this effort. I am the owner of New Dawn Farms, a small scale, family-run farm that specializes in sustainable agriculture and is dedicated to providing high-quality, healthy, and affordable food to the local community. With the goal of addressing the rise in food insecurity and prices, I am seeking to collaborate with organizations like yours to create community gardens that provide free food to the community. I believe that this is a great opportunity for a partnership to educate the community about sustainable agriculture and the importance of healthy eating, while also providing a valuable service to the community. I would like to schedule a meeting at your convenience to discuss how New Dawn Farms and the Metromorphosis can work together to create and maintain these community gardens while creating jobs and skills around self-sufficiency farming and gardening. Additionally, New Dawn Farms plans to reinvent city living with many areas in the city overgrown, decrepit or unproductive. We are approaching this with a goal in mind, how can we increase productivity in the local economy, save money and increase the number of jobs. I believe I have the plan and with a regenerative product I can absorb the cost at the right scale to create an immediate savings and transform lives when every dollar counts. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can set up a meeting. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. NoYesYes1
edit Jasmine PaulHEAL-MIND BODY SOUL, 2258002217Over the last few years I have been working to increase awareness for the Health & Wellness Coaching profession. We work with community advocates, community workers, healthcare practitioners, and clients in consortium to promote better health and wellness. I am currently facilitating a virtual Diabetes Prevention program, bringing access to this program to hard to reach areas within Louisiana. I come from a family that has 3 generations diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I am working hard to the change the future health of my family and generations to come. I am looking for opportunities to partner with others to promote sustainable habit changes within our community.NoNoNo1
edit Sarita PanchangNA (resident) NA 8323355699I moved to Baton Rouge in 2020. I am passionate about creating access to healthy lifestyles especially for communities of color and in a way that celebrates our different cultures, body types, sexual orientations, etc. Also, I have a PhD in Public Health and am well-versed in social determinants of health as well as data analysis. So if any needs come up relating to gathering data, conducting informal assessments or focus groups, I am more than happy to help with that too. YesNoNo1;3;4
edit Mytosha DickersonA Mother’s Choice, LLC  504-875-6174My name is Mytosha Dickerson and I am one the founders of A Mother’s Choice, LLC. The company offers Lactation and Doula services to the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and surround areas. My passion for breastfeeding started with the birth of my first daughter and it grew with each subsequent pregnancy. After the birth of my second daughter in the height of the pandemic, I decided it was the best time to earn my Lactation Consultant certification. I am currently applying to earn my MPH with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. YesYesNo1;3
edit Erin WhiteBlackWellness.One, LLC 503-259-9239Originally founded as Black Women's Wellness in 2020, BlackWellness.One is a more inclusive social enterprise that includes the health of Black men. Our visoon is to spread the culture of self-care and self-love throughout the Black community of Greater Baton Rouge and beyond. NoNoNo1;2;3
edit Deana McClainPink Blossom 2253629991I’m RN with 28 years of nursing experience who has 501 (c) 3 empowers girls to love themselves and be the best they can be through mentorship, education and being positive leaders on their community. NoNoNo2
edit Deana McClainHumana Healthy Horizon in Louisiana   2259077806BH Manager of Quality Compliance for Medicaid Managed Care OrganizationNoNoNo2
edit Kelli DreilingArthritis 8326960919I am the Executive Director for the Arthritis Foundation of Louisiana. There are nearly 60 Million American adults with doctor diagnosed arthritis in the U.S. and 687,000 of those adults are in Louisiana. Among all adults in Louisiana with arthritis, 45% have work limitations. 1 in 3 veterans has arthritis, which accounts for 92,000 of the people in Louisiana living with arthritis Approximately 300,000 kids with arthritis in the U.S. but only about 450 pediatric rheumatologists. That’s about 700 kids for each doctor and none of those doctors are in Louisiana. Families have to travel out of state to see a pediatric rheumatologist. Over 24 million Americans experience activity limitations due to their arthritis. Arthritis in the U.S. has an economic burden of $304 billion – made up of medical expenses and lost wages Arthritis Foundation data has found: 100% of arthritis patients reported experiencing pain in the last 7 days, with 75% reporting that pain has impacted their day-to-day activities. 37% of arthritis patients reported having trouble affording their out-of-pocket costs this past year. 54% of those say they have incurred debt or suffered financial hardship because of it and 41% said their health worsened. Prior authorization is consistently cited as the top health coverage-related challenge for people living with arthritis, and has led to negative health impacts. The Arthritis Foundation is here to help. We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the word.YesYesNo 
edit Michael Blakes & Dennis Jones Sweating N Spirit 501c3  2252746335 or 2252025003A nonprofit organization designed to help change our community & lives of local teens through health & fitness, mental health awareness, and college /career projection. We have 4 fundraising fitness events scheduled for this summer and wanted to know if Healthy City BR would like to be apart of what we have in store.NoYesYes 
edit Norah KhanfourYouth oasis 2254913157Our mission is to support youth and young adults recovering from the trauma of homelessness and family separation through housing, healthcare, and advocacy.YesYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Katherine MoralesLouisiana Bayou Storm Surge FootballLouisiana Bayou Storm Surge Football 3372965236Our Teams mission is to Providing a safe, inclusive environment for women to develop their football skills and compete at a high level. This involves recruiting players from diverse backgrounds and skill levels and investing in coaching and training resources to help players improve. Fostering a sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among players, coaches, and staff. This involves organizing team-building activities, promoting positive communication and conflict resolution, and encouraging players to support one another on and off the field. Engaging with the local community through volunteer work, charity events, and outreach programs. This might involve partnering with local schools or non-profits to promote youth sports and physical activity, organizing fundraising events for community causes, and participating in community events to raise awareness about the team and its mission. Promoting women's sports and gender equity in athletics. This might involve advocating for increased opportunities for women's football at all levels, challenging stereotypes and gender biases in sports media and marketing, and serving as role models and mentors for young girls who aspire to play football or pursue other athletic endeavors. Overall, the mission of a women's semi-pro football team that prioritizes community first should be to create a positive, supportive, and empowering environment for women to pursue their athletic dreams while also making a meaningful contribution to the broader community. YesYesNo1;2
edit Mytosha DickersonPOWERED BY MAMA Consulting Group   My is Mytosha Dickerson and I am Certified Breastfeeding Specialist located in Baton Rouge, LA. I became a CBS in May 2020 after the birth of my 2nd daughter, but the initial inspiration came after the birth of my 1st daughter. I was the first in my immediate family to breastfeed and found resources to be limited and also not as accessible. Over time of helping moms and developing my skill set, I found women in BIOPIC communities still aren't as well educated or inspired to nurse. The goal of PBM is to address the Maternal Mortality rate and increase Infant Feeding Equity by providing a hands-on and self-led curriculum and the creation of lactation spaces in the home, workplace, and other spaces where nursing can occur with no judgement. YesYesYes1;3
edit Jared Lane, 2254336831Hello! I'm Jared Lane, the Executive Vice-President at HealthyLife! Throughout my 9 months of being at HealthyLife, I can say the philanthropic spirit is rampant, and contagious! HealthyLife prides itself on making cookies and making an impact and we want to use HealthyBR as a channel for us to make our impact. We have been endorsed by community leaders & organizations such as the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge, Danielle Mack, Vice President of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and Hollis Milton, Superintendent for West Feliciana Parish Schools, among many more! HealthyLife loves what the Mayor-President is doing to bring healthy living to Baton Rouge, and we want to be apart of the change that is needed our community! Thank you and don't hesitate to reach out to me.YesYesYes1
edit Kyreal JacksonVelocity Clinical 2259007739Hello I am the site manager at velocity clinical research here in Baton Rouge. The company partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research new drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics that could improve human health and wellbeing. We are interested in partnering with your organization in order to bring innovative drugs to the Baton Rouge public. YesYesYes1;2;3;4
edit Ebony BrownLaRouge Healthcare, Inc. 833-262-1101We provide primary care, behavioral health and care coordination services. NoYesYes1;2;3;4
edit Katelyn MelanconCrossroads Recovery Center of Louisiana 2259750969Crossroad Recovery Center of Louisiana offers an Ambulatory Detoxification Program (outpatient detox in Baton Rouge & Gonzales) for individuals requiring detoxification from drugs or alcohol. Our program takes a holistic approach by combining medical treatment, substance abuse counseling, and referrals for ongoing issues related to substance abuse. As part of our mission, we are here to help you cope with the psychological problems that often accompany addiction. To learn more, visit YesNoNo2
edit Lyn HakeemCAPARC Capital Area Reentry Coalition 12253283015Capital Area Reentry Coalition (CAPARC) is a partnership of local businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations, and government organizations, who are working together to increase the success rates of citizens who are transitioning from prison back into society. Our Mission Our mission is to promote a collective force that is committed to fostering the successful reintegration of returning citizens, reducing recidivism and enhancing public safety. What We Do Together with our partnering organizations, we assist returning citizens with receiving the support and services necessary to ensure they receive a continuum of care in an effort to reduce offender recidivism.YesNoNo1;2
edit Michael FuselierFuse Enterprises, (337) 654-6032I am a native Louisianian with expertise in public health, non profit and corporate finance, marketing and development, and international business operations. I am internationally savvy with certified speaking proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.NoNoNo1;2;3;4
edit Nancy DavisNancy Davis Foundation 2253293204Our mission is to assist individuals who have experienced trauma as a result of a developmental defect during pregnancy. We provide resources to and within our community. NoYesNo1;3
edit Ryan EadsLane Regional Medical 772-828-9541I am the ambulatory quality coordinator for Lane Family Practice and I do monthly wellness and healthy living campaigns for our clinics. I would love to further my wellness promotion to the community, and am always looking for volunteer hours and places that I can help people to live a healthier lifestyle.YesYesNo1
edit Jera'Nae DonaldSouthern University Eta Mu Chapter of Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society   3054170396Hello my name is Jera'Nae Donald, I am a graduate of Southern University and a former president of Tri-Beta. Our organization's mission is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge. As a student lead organization, we would like to give to our community. We are looking for volunteer opportunities to help better Baton Rouge, LA.YesYesNo 
edit Gayle YoungLaughter in Your Belly WellnessN/A 2254216772I am an Attorney and a Holistic Health Practitioner. I created and practice at Laughter in Your Belly Wellness, a full-service wellness practice where I practices transformational medicine. A 1993 graduate of the LSU Law School, I have practiced law for 30 years and I uselegal adeptness to dissect a chart of symptoms, finding the root cause, then addressing the client's entire needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual, through a process known as “Defying Your DNA. My own healing journey took me from bedridden to blessed. A three year journey of 22 daily medications, 15 doctors, and still living with chronic migraines, lupus, fibromyalgia, liver failure, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, alopecia, Hashimoto’s, celiac disease, a brain tumor, 11 other tumors, and a myriad of other diseases and dis-eases. Through faith and retoolin my diet and emtions, I was restored to health. And, in one day was able to discontinue all 22 medications. I adopted a lifestyle of gratitude, praise and discipline for how she fueled her body and began to treat it as God’s temple– the house for my purpose, passion, anointing, and the dwelling place for the Lord. 11 years later I am still well and passionate about others experiencing God’s healing and restorative powers in their lives. I have traveled the US and abroad learning about advanced holistic cancer prevention, treatments, and healing therapies. At the age of 35, my Father, an entrepreneur and pastor, died of cardiomyopathy and congestive Heart Failure. I took my grief and created a gift to others, “He Is My Daddy Too” a male, focused ministry that equips men in leadership on ways to achieve resiliency by finding a more excellent way to be in health. My ultimate goal and desire is to help my clients harness their innate ability to heal, using therapies, testing, wholefood supplements, BEMER technology circulation therapy, infrared therapy for pain, inflammation, health and a bounty treatments, plus my signature, " It's Just Food" health coaching. NoYesNo 
edit Carla SchulerAlliant Health SolutionsAlliant Health Solutions 9852645876Good morning. My name is Carla Schuler, RN, BSN. I am the State Quality Manager for Alliant Health Solutions, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Louisiana. In addition to Quality Improvement initiatives for Medicare, we at Alliant Health Solutions are tasked with creating Partners For Community Health (PCH) coalitions that provide outreach and resources for the healthcare community and citizens of Louisiana. Many of our local healthcare coalitions have suffered due to Covid, recent hurricanes and other life altering events. We are in the process of re-developing our Louisiana PCHs and would love to have HealthyBR be one of our Partners. Our PCHs meet quarterly via Zoom to discuss local community needs, resources and solutions to health equity needs. Our focus in the upcoming months will be health equity in our Louisiana communities. Your partnership would be greatly appreciated and valued and would not take much of your time, which we know is limited. Again, our PCHs receive quarterly invitations for PCH zoom meetings, which share education and resources for our Louisiana residents and healthcare providers. Please let me know if this is something that HealthyBR would be interested in and I will follow up with additional information. Here is the link to our website should you need additional information as to who we are and our function in Louisiana healthcare. Thank you! NoYesNo1;2
edit Katelyn MelanconMayo Behavioral Health 2252560110At Mayo Behavioral Health, we keep our mission statement short and straightforward. Our primary purpose is to improve the lives we touch. Inside that simple idea, however, is a powerful guide for decision-making and innovation. If something does not contribute to improving the lives of those who come to us for help, it is not aligned with our mission. Our mission statement keeps us focused on what is important: our client’s well-being.YesNoNo2
edit Jamie BarneyOpen Health Care Clinic 225-655-6422Open Health Care Clinic is a FQHC with nine locations in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs. OHCC provides preventative and primary medical and supportive services to community members. This includes behavioral health, dental, pediatrics, women's health, PrEP, STI/HIV testing and treatment, Ryan White Case Management, and CoC and HOPWA Housing. OHCC's wrap around model and continuous quality improvement promotes health equity for the patients that we serve. YesNoNo2
edit Kristin Lynch GrimesThe Louisiana Center For Health And Wellness   2259244550Empowering Healthy Living The mission of The Louisiana Center for Health and Wellness is to promote best health for all, provide greater healthcare access to underestimated communities, and create an environment that encourages others to meet and exceed their health and wellness goals through a holistic approach and a commitment to comprehensive and compassionate care. YesYesYes1
edit Renada Wright DeschampWoman's Hospitalwww.womans.orgq 2259248721I serve as the Chief Diversity Officer and I lead Health Equity for the organization.NoNoNo3;4
edit Dandre GuerinX-Factor Sports Performance 225-508-2564We are a sports performance facility that primarily focuses on the youth development. We work with schools around Baton Rouge like Liberty and University High to create a positive impact in these kids life through sports performance. We also have partnered with physical therapist around the city of Baton Rouge to help kids with special needs. Every month we do an event (Our Little Heroes) that allows kids with special needs to come to our facility to get moving and to have fun. We do that by introducing them to sports they may or may not play, and workouts they may have never done. NoYesNo 
edit Kristie GauthreauxLouisiana Organ Procurement 2252904742I am a dedicated Community Educator and Multi-Ethnic Specialist at the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA), where we are committed to managing all aspects of organ donation after one's passing. My role involves spreading awareness within our community about the vital significance of organ health and the importance of organ donation. At LOPA, we collaborate closely with the hospitals, Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV), organ recipients, donor families, and various other organizations throughout the state of Louisiana. We are actively seeking new partnerships and allies to join our mission in tackling the pressing issue of organ waitlists within our state. Together, we aspire to make a difference by increasing organ donation awareness and helping to alleviate the challenges faced by individuals awaiting life-saving organ transplants.NoYesYes1
edit Jordyn BarlowGreater Baton Rouge Food 2256781440I am the Health & Hunger Strategies Manager at the GBRFB and my work is focused on nutrition and food security in health care settings. I would love to be a part of and partner with this coaltion. YesNoNo1
edit DeKeitra Griffin   4699968702Hello, My name is DeKeitra Griffin and I moved to Baton Rouge from Dallas, Texas inAugust of this year to start as a doctoral student at LSU within the School of Social Work. I currently serve on the board of directors for the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS (PASWHA). I have completed year-long leadership development fellowships with NAESM in Atlanta, GA and NMAC in Washington, DC. I have worked as a behavioral health counselor at Prism Health North Texas in Dallas, TX providing therapeutic interventions for clients living with HIV or taking PrEP for prevention of HIV. I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). I am currently part of Sero Project's Justice Institute which is a year-long program designed to develop advocates around HIV decriminalization. I want to use my lived experiences including living with HIV, having complications with HIV, survivor of rape, and survivor of intimate partner violence to become a stronger advocate. I would love to meet and potential collaborate with you in the future. Please let me know how I can use my experience to help in the Baton Rouge Area. Best Wishes, DeKeitra Griffin Pronouns: He/him/his/KingNoYesNo2;4
edit Quisha Reed-JonesBayou Environmental Justice 225-244-6552My organization is a coalition that looks to support underserved communities reach their goals for community empowerment, education resources, and implementation of renewable energy practices. YesNoNo1;2
edit Katelyn MelanconMayo Behavioral Health 2258883100At Mayo Behavioral Health, we keep our mission statement short and straightforward. Our primary purpose is to improve the lives we touch. Inside that simple idea, however, is a powerful guide for decision-making and innovation. If something does not contribute to improving the lives of those who come to us for help, it is not aligned with our mission. Our mission statement keeps us focused on what is important: our client’s well-being.YesNoNo2
edit Lauren VoStacks Pickleball 2254859279Hello, I'm one of the co-owners of Stacks Pickleball in Baton Rouge. We are a 12 court indoor pickleball facility. Through the sport of pickleball, we hope to encourage active healthy lifestyles with social bonding. We are currently looking for a sponsorship for our senior program. Our goal is to provide a free or low cost program for seniors for some or all weekday mornings. The exciting part about pickleball is the community already at it's core. We look forward to hearing from y'all! Warmly, Lauren VoNoNoYes 
edit Leah MoormanPlant Based 9852273983I really loved the Healthy BR program initiative that Mayor Broome started in 2009 to empower the Baton Rouge community to achieve better health. I am emailing you to introduce an incredibly empowering, free, and life-changing program called Plant Based Food Plan (.org) by nonprofit, Plant Based Living. (.org) We just wrapped up our soft launch in New Orleans and it went better than we even imagined, so I can't wait to tell you about it! We at Plant Based Living will essentially teach people how to use Walmart as their health food store and give them a free plant-based food plan to help them on their new journey to better health. (But we are not affiliated with Walmart!) The Plant Based Food Plan is free to access online and includes a full 28-day menu plan (3 meals and two snacks per day). All the recipes are based solely on the quality food ingredients that are EBT eligible at Walmart. In fact, a family of four on government food assistance can afford the full 28-day plan each month. We even offer all the continued support one could need via phone call, email, etc, for free! To promote the Plant Based Food Plan, we plan to table outside of a Baton Rouge Walmart Supercenter, location TBD. No dates set yet, but we are trying for a few Fridays/Saturdays &/or Saturdays/Sundays in January. We will even raffle off a whole week of free groceries to one lucky Walmart shopper, each week of tabling! Our first ever winner from New Orleans is Natalie. Natalie is a mom with young kids who was in between jobs and money was very tight. She also said she once tried going plant-based to improve her family's health, but "it was too expensive" and she eventually went to the cheap, low-nutrition foods that seem so accessible. You can imagine how happy and relieved she was to be introduced to our empowering, free, 28-day program and to be the lucky winner of all those wholesome grocery items! What I am hoping is that Mayor Broom's office and/or Healthy BR partners will see the incredible value of this program and can envision the life-changing impact it will have on the Baton Rouge community! I would love to see this happen in the shape of an official partnership, but however you feel that the Healthy BR could support this program would be amazing and so appreciated! Would you like to set up a call so we can further discuss all the possibilities? I look forward to hearing from you! NoYesYes 
edit Taffy MorrisonNavigators for a Healthy 985-960-0098Taffy Morrison, Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana Statewide Outreach Manager. Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana is a free non-profit federally funded program supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services under the Affordable Care Act to assist Louisiana residents with access to low-cost or no cost health insurance options, Medicaid, LAChip, and the Health Insurance Marketplace, depending on their eligibility. YesYesNo 
edit Rosalyn AugustusNavigators for a Healthy 225-757-9845Rosalyn Augustus, Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana Region 2 Community Outreach Coordinator Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana is a free non-profit federally funded program supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services under the Affordable Care Act to assist Louisiana residents with access to low-cost or no cost health insurance options depending on their eligibility. YesYesNo1
edit Cheryl GloverNavigators for a Healthy 225-757-9845Cheryl Glover, Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana Region 2 Navigator Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana is a free non-profit federally funded program supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services under the Affordable Care Act to assist Louisiana residents with access to low-cost or no cost health insurance options depending on their eligibility. YesYesNo 
edit Deidra MwaimuNetwork of Women 2255023965Focusing on young girls’ and women’s basic human needs. The mission of Network of Women NOW is to support women and girls with basic human needs in vulnerable populations around the world. NOW’s vision is to be a global hub where donors, organizations, and individuals foster partnerships to support female-centered projects. Network of Women NOW was incorporated in 2020 to assist young girls and women by donating feminine hygiene products and more. Through individual contributions, donation drives, fundraising events, and partnerships, we gather much needed supplies, delivering them to schools, community centers and similar organizations. Deidra Mwalimu Founder & CEONoYesYes 
edit Gayle YoungLaughter in Your Belly WellnessN/A 2254216772I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner in Baton Rouge. I own a wellness clinic. As an Attorney, I can assist with healthcare legal documents and medical and general powers of attorney. I am a community educator on the impact of nutrition on health, disease, and healing from them all!NoYesNo1;2;3;4
edit Erica RabyCommunity Counseling Agency   225-636-2395Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an evidence-based alternative to incarceration. MST effectively treats at-risk youth and their families by utilizing a built-in suite of services within the home, school, and community settings. Services include but are not limited to: social skills training, drug and alcohol intervention, mental health services, and peer management. In addition to addressing high risk behaviors, we are a mentoring program that assists children in dealing with: * Peer Pressure * Depression *Anger Management Skills *Coping Skills And MUCH MORE!!! Our goal is to assist our kids in discovering their hidden potential as they transition to young adulthood. Here, at Community, we do WHATEVER IT TAKES, to ensure our families are living to their FULLEST potential!YesNoNo 
edit Dr. Latresia BellCare Plus Occupational Health and Wellness  2259261900 ext 2My names is Dr. Latresia Bell and I am the owner of are Plus Occupational Health and Wellness. I have been in practice for over 24 years treating musculoskeletal conditions and educating on the Importance of spinal health. Along with spinal health, I have also educated on preventive and wellness of the body as a whole. I have expanded my practice to providing service to employers and employees. We provide testing such as Drug and alcohol testing. Pulmonary function testing. DOT and nonDOT physicals. For for duty exams. Pre employment physicals. Weight loss programs. Nutritional counseling. I am excited about sharing the wealth of knowledge I have acquired over the years on the health and wellness within my community. Amongst us we have disparities within our community, whether it is financial or knowledge. Educating our community that taking care of the one body we receive is imperative. I would like to continue not only within my small bubble within my clinic, but to expand out to the community to share knowledge about the importance of taking care of our bodies.YesYesYes 
edit Daffaney j Webster APRN PMHNP-BCReflection of the Green Leaf Non-profit 2252022875Our mission is to advocate on behalf of all that are mentally ill by decreasing barriers through promotion and implementation of enrichment programs and resource development, as well as bridging gaps of communication by utilizing the arts to cultivate relationships that will further encourage integration of the mentally ill in society; unstigmatized. Since 2018 the art avenue has created an outlet that has allowed the individuals that are mentally ill the opportunity to display their creativity, and provide the artist an outlet for their creative voice. The artist is also provided a space to sell their art or craft, and introduce themselves as an artist. The art exhibit creates a world of integration for those that are mentally ill, and for those that are not. The exhibit allows both worlds of creativity to co-exist, together, un-stigmatized. We have hosted this event at the Guru on the grounds of Circa 1857 since 2018. In 2019, Garrett Temple Circa 1857 has sponsored the grounds for us to grow the art avenue which allowed for more artist and vendors. In 2021 Leola's Cafe became a sponsor. This year we are broadening our marketing efforts and creating a new public relations approach. We are reaching out to more corporations, community organizations, and leaders to become sponsors for this year’s event. We have invested in art curators and a marketing team to make our efforts more visible. We have also been privileged to be a 2024 recipient of the Visit Baton Rouge sponsorship. Our goal is to create more of a public awareness, and to cultivate more relationships in our community. We are asking that Healthy BR will become an annual Green Leaf sponsor, and a future partner. website: FB: @reflectionofthegreenleaf IG: @reflectionofthegreenleaf #rotglYesYesYes2
edit Connie Torrence-ThomasTankproof 2259390931Tankproof teaches the gift of swimming to low income children ages 5- 18 years at NO COST to them. Tankproof also distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to the low income communities on a monthly basis.YesNoYes