Kinetic Physical Therapy

Pelvic health mission - To provide pelvic health physical therapy to pregnant and postpartum women.
Social Media Handles: @kineticpt
Age ranges (in years):
  • 11 - 17 years
  • 18 - 25 years
  • 26 - 40 years
  • 41 - 64 years
  • 65+ years
  • Female
  • Male
  • Transgender Woman
  • Transgender Man
  • Gender Non-conforming
  • Non-binary
Special populations served:
  • Survivors of Sexual and Physical Assault
  • Youth
  • Family
  • LGBTQ+
5800 One Perkins Place, Building 7, Suite B
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana 70808
Phone: (225) 286-3000
Maternal & Infant Health Services Provided Section

Does your organization directly provide any of the following classes/training?
Fitness/Wellness (Prenatal & Postpartum exercise)
Post-delivery Care
Postpartum education
Prenatal Care
Does your organization provide any of the following direct services?
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Additional Requirements Section

Does your organization provide any of the following Tele-services?
Virtual video visits
Referral Process: Do you need to be referred to receive services?
Payments: Which form of payments does your organization accept?
Credit Card
Private Insurance
Is there public transportation available with one mile of your company/agency? (Does the city bus route have a stop within walking distance?)