Baton Rouge Garden Alliance

BRGA partner gardens are spreading across our community, bringing healthy, fresh food to the people of Baton Rouge. Connect with gardens in your community and help every green space in Baton Rouge have the care and resources it needs to thrive.

Growing a Baton Rouge with Fresh, Accessible Food for All.

The Baton Rouge Garden Alliance connects community gardens, volunteers and resources so that every green space in Baton Rouge has the resources to thrive.

BRGA is currently powered by a collaboration between Geaux Get Healthy (HealthyBR) and Baton Roots Community Farm (The Walls Project). With support from the past BRGA leadership, these organizations aim to grow the Baton Rouge Garden Alliance into a network that offers community members the information, support and resources they need to grow and cook fresh foods. We build on BRGA’s legacy as a space for gardens to share ideas, volunteers, funding and other resources.

Grow Our Gardens

The Baton Rouge Garden Alliance is always looking to grow! Whether you have an existing garden that you would like to connect to the Garden Alliance, know of a community garden in your neighborhood, or would like to start a community garden, we can help.