Safe, Hopeful, Healthy

The people in East Baton Rouge deserve a safe, healthy community. And that starts with having a violence-free community.

Violence is a public health epidemic, and it will spread without both prevention and intervention strategies. Safe, Hopeful Healthy BR, is a coordinated program with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s Healthy City Initiative. SHHBR is a connector, convener, facilitator, and strategic partner for community organizations, public safety advocates, and young leaders to create a safe, hopeful, and healthy Baton Rouge for all.

Creating a Violence-Free EBR Where Everyone Can Be Safe, Hopeful, and Healthy

In September 2020, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome established Safe Hopeful Healthy BR, within the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, to develop a collective vision and strategy to address the root causes of violence and to advance policies and practices that are grounded in a culture of health and safety.

By developing a public safety ecosystem, a diverse coalition of stakeholders, including survivors, advocates, and community partners, work collaboratively to prevent all forms of violence and promote healing through four pillars:

  • Empower safe & healthy individuals, youth, families, and community
  • Build and revitalize safe and hopeful neighborhoods
  • Foster a healthy & hopeful culture of peace
  • Build infrastructure for healing-informed policies, practices, and systems

Connect with Safe, Hopeful, Healthy

Community is at the center of all change. Safe Hopeful Healthy BR is a table that everyone has a seat at to help create a healthier community for all. You can attend an ecosystem meeting, join a workgroup or let your voice be heard.