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From getting fresh food delivered right to your door to tapping into your local community garden to heart-healthy cooking classes, we’ve got all the ingredients you need to geaux get healthy.

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Geaux Get Healthy By The Numbers

Geaux Get Healthy was launched in 2018 with a simple goal — create a city-wide network of organizations to produce and distribute fresh food and connect community members to the resources they needed to improve their food security and overall health. Geaux Get Healthy is a project of The Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative (HealthyBR) and provides partners with program guidance, administrative support and unified messaging for the entire project.

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Community Members
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Growing a Healthy Community

Geaux Get Healthy works collaboratively with our partners in a few different ways.


Represent the needs of community members.


Produce and distribute culturally appropriate, affordable, local food.


Eliminate access barriers by creating innovative, place-based distribution mechanisms.


Provide nutrition and food literacy education to support improved community health.

Food Insecure In BR

Far too many in Baton Rouge live on the edge of hunger. 70,000 people in our community live in food deserts, living more than one mile away from a grocery store. Even more live in food swamps, where fast food is readily available and affordable but healthy food is not.

This lack of access to healthy foods has dire consequences for community health. People who live in food deserts and food swamps face far higher rates of chronic illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

HealthyBR launched Geaux Get Healthy in 2019 to increase access to affordable fresh food and the resources people need to live a healthy life.


Baton Rouge Garden Alliance

Connect with gardens in your community and help every green space in Baton Rouge have the care and resources it needs to thrive.

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Community Wellness Starts With You

The Geaux Get Healthy Community Wellness Program connects community members to the resources they needed to improve their food security and overall health.

Through our Community Wellness Program, we partner with health professionals and community organizations to provide the resources and support they need to help the individuals you serve. Whether you are a clinic, a health care provider, or a community-based organization, our program supports you in addressing food insecurity in our community and improving people’s knowledge about and access to healthy, fresh food.

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