Healthy Kids

A healthier BR starts with healthy, happy kids. You want your children to have the very best start in life—and that begins with fresh, healthy food, lots of physical activity and play, and the socio-emotional support kids need to learn, grow and thrive.

Let's Get Moving

Family Fit Day is an opportunity for the entire family to enjoy a fun-filled day focused on having fun and being healthy.

Move With Mayor Broome

In BR, fitness starts at the top! From bike rides to gym class, join Mayor Broome in promoting movement across the city.

Cook In All Colors

Learn to cook the rainbow and make life more colorful with our Community Wellness Program. We’ll help you learn how your family can eat healthier, one plate at a time.

Sow Good Saturday

Bring the kids to Sow Good Saturday for a fun-filled morning on the first Saturday of every month that includes a garden workshop, cooking demo, produce share and yoga. Fun for the whole family!

Do you want to rock your fitness?

It starts with movement. Our programs will get you moving in a fun, welcoming way and help you move your way to better health.


Fresh Food Deliveries

Get healthy food delivered to your door. Top Box Foods, a community-based non-profit, brings fresh, healthy, and affordable groceries directly to your home.


“Dollar Store” Four Bean Chili

Looking for a quick and easy, budget-friendly dish? Only have time to run to the local dollar store? This four bean chili...

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