Healthy Partnerships

Healthy Partnerships

HealthyBR’s mission is to foster a movement based on Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration that promotes a better and healthier life for all people in the great city of Baton Rouge.

Your partnership helps make that happen. We are a community of organizations and partners working to make Baton Rouge a healthier place for all. HealthyBR helps lead five initiatives:

Through these initiatives and our participation in Mayor Broome’s Behavioral Health Task Force and the 10 Minute Walk initiative, HealthyBR operates a collective impact model.

This means we bring our partners together in an intentional way by:

Helping to create shared goals among our partners.

Measuring and monitoring our collective work.

Creating and promoting mutually reinforcing activities (which means helping organizations work together for the greater good).

HealthyBR providing “backbone” support (meaning the administrative aspects and consensus building in coalition work).

Continuous communication through coalition and workgroup meetings.

Partner With Us

We are always looking for community residents and organizations to join our work. Currently, we have over 400 individual members and over 150 organizations. The only thing we are missing is YOU! Join us by filling out the form below and help create a healthier Baton Rouge.

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