Mayor Broome's Behavioral Health Task Force

Mayor Broome's Behavioral Health Task Force is a coalition of over 40 organizations whose mission is to Promote and Connect Baton Rouge to behavioral health resources while Addressing the trauma and stigma that exist in our community.

History of the Task Force

Launched in 2018, the task force spent the first year learning about factors that affect people who are experiencing behavioral health challenges. They heard from leaders in our community on the following topics:

  • Interactions with first responders and law enforcement
  • Support services and resources in the community
  • Affordable housing and homelessness
  • Transportation (Medical and Public)
  • Bridge Center and Parish Prison Medical

In 2019 the task force focused on building trust, creating structure, and identifying focus areas. The focus areas they decided on included:

  • Integration of Behavioral Health into the Primary Care Setting
  • Opioid/Substance Use
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Social Determinants of Health

In 2020, like most of the country, the COVID-19 Pandemic gave people an opportunity to reflect and renew their focus. This task force was no different. The task force decided to realign their focus areas to develop a database of resources that included clinical and social services. A survey was drafted and they received responses from over 120 organizations across East Baton Rouge Parish.

In 2021, with a renewed focus the task force once again dove into their focus areas. Below are the mission statements of each workgroup and the work they focused on.

Integrate Behavioral Health Services into the Primary Care Clinics

Mission: Working with the healthcare community to increase access and remove barriers to mental health and substance abuse resources and services. Specifically looking to promote and expand clinics that have a behavioral health provider located within the primary care clinic.

Focus: This workgroup focused on compiling resources for providers regarding the integration of behavioral health into the primary care setting and drafted a survey for providers to better understand their knowledge of the integration of behavioral health into the primary care setting and if their organization is currently providing these services or is interested in providing these services.

Stigma and Trauma Free Community

Mission: Addressing and working towards Baton Rouge becoming a more trauma-informed community by addressing stigma and connecting people and organizations through education and awareness.

Focus: This workgroup focused on developing a monthly social media toolkit for partners to highlight key topics. They also worked on connecting priority populations with resources.


Mission: Connect community-based organizations with other organizations and resources needed to address the behavioral health needs of our communities most vulnerable populations. Specifically looking at the intersection and coordination of behavioral health services for people experiencing homelessness, citizens reentering into society after being in the criminal justice system, and efforts to divert citizens from the criminal justice systems.

Focus: This workgroup focused on the behavioral health database started in 2020 by the larger coalition in preparation for launching the database in 2022.

Baton Rouge Overdose Coalition

In 2021, Mayor Broome and District Attorney Hillar C. Moore joined in launching a joint initiative called the East Baton Rouge Overdose Coalition (EBROC) which is looking to bring together law enforcement, medical and nonprofit communities to address overdoses in our community.

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