Move with the Mayor

Mayor Broome launched Move with Mayor Broome in 2018 to help promote all of the great ways people can be active here in Baton Rouge. Events include bike rides, fitness classes at the local YMCA, rock climbing, elementary school gym class, running clubs and yoga.  Mayor Broome joins other Mayor's from across the country in participating in Move with the Mayor, through a partnership with the National Forum of Heart Disease and Stroke


Partnership with National Forum of Heart Disease and Stroke 

Mayor Broome use Move with the Mayor™ to encourage residents to protect and improve their health and to make their communities more active and accessible. Mayors are using Move with the Mayor™ messaging, policy recommendations and other tools to empower and protect community members from COVID-19 and improve cardiovascular health and health equity.

Mayor Broome hosts Move with the Mayor at least once a quarter along with different community partners to bring awareness to our city.  Through our partnership with The National Forum we are able to bring the Spark America App to Baton Rouge.  

SparkAmerica is focused on building Fit & Healthy leaders all across the country. They do this by implementing programs in SparkCities - urban and suburban localities whose business and civic leaders have joined with us to create community and promote healthy living. Baton Rouge is a SparkCity!!! 

Twice a year in the Spring and Fall SparkAmerica hosts the Fit City Challenge. The goal of the Spark America fit city challenges is to bring individuals, organizations, and cities like Baton Rouge together on a mission to get active. The challenges are free, fun, and accessible to all through the Spark360/PeopleOneapp. Within this app, participants will be able to track fitness minutes. While you are able to start tracking fitness minutes right away, points leaderboards for the challenge will not be live or count in the challenge until the launch date of April 15. The leaderboards of ranking cities, organizations, and individuals to not only motivate each other, but win prizes. The best part is, ALL movement counts in moving up the leaderboards, and moving our city to better health. During and following this challenge, participants can continue to use other great FREE features such as joining annual calendar events, a nutrition tracker, and Spark Coach, a digital health assistant.

Join the movement today. Visit to learn more and sign yourself (and/or your business) up to participate in the Spring Fit City Challenge that runs from April 15–May 31.This free, fun, virtual challenge is an opportunity for all of Baton Rouge to get moving!

“I joined Move With the Mayor because I want the citizens and constituents of my community to enjoy an abundant life and that means a healthy life. You see here in south Louisiana we have great food and we love our food. But we also have health challenges like heart disease and diabetes and obesity. I want to lead by example and encourage, motivate and cheer my community on towards a healthy lifestyle.”

—Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, Baton Rouge, LA