Community Health (Social Determinants of Health)

When we talk about Community Health, what we are really talking about are the social determinants of health (SDOH). The SDOH are the places where people live, learn, work, and play and how they affect a person’s health. They include access to healthcare, education, jobs, safe neighborhoods, and a connection to their community.

HealthyBr Board Chair Coletta Barrett talks about  the Social Determinants of Health.

Community Health

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What are the Social Determinants Of Health?

Where people live, learn, work, and play affects health

Housing First Alliance of the Capital Area

The Housing First Alliance presents a unified voice to drive solutions to Capital Area’s housing problems.

Geaux Get Healthy

Geaux Get Healthy is a coalition of local organizations who are working together to make fresh food affordable and accessible and to co-create a thriving local food landscape.


Mayor Broome's Homelessness Prevention Coalition (HPC)

State and Local Agencies

It takes teamwork to keep a community healthy. Below is a list of local, state, and federal agencies that contribute to making Baton Rouge a healthy place for all! 

Social Services

 Social Services are any public service that provides support or assistance to help people live their healthiest and best lives. 

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