This American Simple Cooking with Heart recipe is a terrific vegetable side dish that goes well with just about any main dish you are serving. Or this can be your main dish for meatless meal or when you want a light meal.


Love fried catfish, but are looking for something a little lighter? You've come to the right place. This Oven Fried Catfish is not only tasty but it's just as crispy without all of the grease!


Everyone has mornings where they need to get out the door quickly. This simple recipe is kid friendly and can be made the night before. This recipe can also be customized for even the pickiest eaters.


Are you in the mood for a quick, healthy snack? This granola bar recipe has what you need! You can even eat it as a quick breakfast.


Are you craving fried fish, but want something a little bit healthier? Try this easy Fish Stick and Tartar Sauce recipe. It's so easy your kids will love helping you cook it!


Do you have a large family, or enjoy preparing large meals to have leftovers? If so, this is the dish for you! This lasagna is great for weekend meal prep!

Healthy Eating, Recipes, & Nutrition Resources


Welcome to HealthyBR’s Healthy Eating, Recipes, & Resource page! This page houses everything you need to live a healthy, balanced life. Here you will find healthful recipes, information on local programs, and nutrition education resources!


Diabetes-Friendly Recipes


Managing blood sugar can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Creating meals and snacks that provide a balance of protein, fat, and fiber will help you stay feeling full and satisfied, while also managing your blood sugar levels. Here you will find some great, diabetes-friendly meals and dessert ideas!

Heart Healthy Recipes


It can seem difficult to cook without a lot of added salt, but have you ever tried substituting salt for herbs and other seasonings? Dried herbs are a delicious and inexpensive way to season food without extra salt. Here you will find traditional southern favorites, but with a low-sodium twist to help manage blood pressure!

Budget-Friendly Recipes


Using budget-friendly ingredients from the local dollar store or grocery store, or using common pantry staples, is a great way to save money and stretch our food dollars. Here you will find some great recipes, and the ingredients used can be purchased from your local dollar store, grocery store, or come right out of your pantry!

Large Recipes


Do you have a large family, or do you want to prepare enough food to have leftovers? Cook once, eat twice is a great concept that helps you cook a large portion of a food item, and turn it into multiple meals. Here you will find yummy recipes that you and your family can enjoy for days!

30-Minute Recipes


No one wants to cook for hours on a busy weeknight! Remember that it is possible to create healthful meals, in very little time. Here you will find some great recipe ideas that only take 30 minutes to prepare!

Recipes for Dietary Restrictions


Are you vegan or vegetarian, want to include more plant-based food items into your diet, or sensitive to certain ingredients? Here you will find some great recipes for some common dietary restrictions!

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